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iCitizen Conducts Two National Polls on the Abortion Issue


Poll results reflect America still deeply polarized by abortion issue

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA, May 18, 2022 / -- The iCitizen-RIT Poll, using its online platform conducted two polls on the abortion issue. The iCitizen platform is politically neutral and has as its mission to provide a resource for individuals and groups to engage on the important civic issues facing the country from the federal level all the way to the individual state, county, city, and town. One of iCitizen's core capabilities is to conduct rapid, statistically accurate online polls in collaboration with the Rochester Institute of Technology

Question 1: “Do you think the 1973 Roe v Wade abortion ruling should be overturned by the Supreme Court?”

Of 4,961 online respondents whose demographic information is known, 57.2% voted No, and 42.8% voted Yes. Drilling down into the demographics, only 3.6% of Democrats voted Yes while 85.3% of Republicans voted Yes, and 44.4% of Independents voted Yes. This represents one of the most politically polarized poll results conducted by iCitizen.
Males voted 52.7% in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade while women voted 65.3% against overturning.
The 18-34-year-old group was adamantly against overturning and 65.1% voted No.
The most evenly divided age group was the 50–64-year-old group with 48.7% voting Yes and 51.3% voting No.

Question 2: “Which of the following statements most closely describes your view on abortion?”

6,156 responses were tallied among these five options.

Opinion 1. “Life begins at conception and all abortions should be illegal. The Constitution does not include abortion rights.” 22.2% of responders chose this opinion
Opinion 2. “Every woman should have the right to choose no matter the age of the fetus. The Constitution grants that right.” 39.4% chose that opinion.
Opinion 3. “Abortion could be made legal via state-by-state legislation, or the ratification of an amendment as guided by the Constitution.” Only 6.0% chose that opinion.
Opinion 4. “Abortion should be performed sparingly and only before 16 weeks’ gestation and not used as a form of birth control.” 23.7% chose that opinion.
Opinion 5. “None of the above.” 8.7% chose that option.

80.5% of Republicans chose either opinion 1 or opinion 4 while 71.4% of Democrats chose opinion 2.
47.9% of women chose opinion 2 while 38.2% of women chose opinion 1 or 4.
The majority (51.4%) of men chose opinion 1 or 4.
A slight majority of the 18–34-year-old group chose opinion 2 at 51.7%.
Opinion 2 was chosen by 48.6% of Black responders, 46.2% of Asian responders, 40.6% of White responders, and 38.9% of Hispanic responders.

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